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3 projects


2-a “how to” article on 10 steps to becoming a better piano player


(I hope these project ideas aren’t permanent because I’m still brain storming on a couple others


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I showed my sister the documentary and she liked the overall theme of the film but she said I needed to break up some of the interviews with titles and that I shouldn’t have a blank spot where all that is going on is a voiceover.  —Still have plenty of modifications to do!

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Interview Resource

This is an actual book on interviewing techniques.  Although the interviews are meant for a more qualitative research basis, the book provides some interesting points like how an interview should be thought of more as a conversation than anything else.

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Gathering resources for the documentary

 This is my big question that I want to base my documentary on, Why do people quit taking piano lessons?  The reason why this topic intrigues me so much is that I am one of them and there seems to be a lot of people who are the same way.  People hit middle school and they give up.  But for people like Frank in the class, I want to possibly address why people quit anything that is good. 

After asking a few people around, there seems to be some common answers:

     1- It wasn’t the “cool” thing to be doing at the time (it wasn’t popular)

     2- Boredom and frustration

     3- No time

Okay, so this is just a rough draft of resources I’m compiling for my documentary  -this talks about why you should encourage kids to not quite piano. -not a whole lot of info on the concept I’m looking for, but it has some valid introductory statements about why piano may be harder to stick to then other instruments

I’ve been really interested in the results I’ve found from just a small amount of research. I particularly like the latter resource and how it explains how piano is harder then any other instrument to conquer because there is no social rewards for it (you don’t play in the band with friends or get a lot of recognition for being able to play it by peers).  I’m excited to start documenting comments on video and actually start filing some tangible research.

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Here are some good sites to learn a little more about podcasting.

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This webpage explains how blogging is form of personal Web publishing and it has caught the attention of the press.

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This resource reviews how not to write a blog if you want people to understand it ; gives good tips.

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This website is a good resource for writing better blog posts.

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